Iris? I barely know her!

So, we have been working on a new implementation of our Practise server over the past few months, and its finally time to start a public test!


The reason for Iris to negate our long queue we have been having for a influx of players. This will help everyones experience on the server


Iris works by splitting Desert servers and load balancing them. Giving us `<worker servers> * 200` max player count. This could scale automatically as we grow.

How will this impact my gameplay?

Other then some plugin changes, the practise system is completely the same. It just allows us to scale more.

Other Changes in Iris

Our other changes in iris includes a new and improved chat filter and a improvement to our MoonSand generation.


The public beta test will be in a stage channel along with a QnA with MattMX and GabbySimon. It is in 1 hour 30 minutes. Join the discord to participate.