We've started development on a new service called "PvPTracker" (name subject to change). The service will allow you to track almost everything that you and others do in pvp.

The service will be free to use and can be installed on any server as long as they want it. Here are some things that the service will track:

  • Crystal speeds
  • Crystal usage
  • Retotem speeds
  • Totem chain pops
  • Anchor usage
  • Anchor efficiency
  • Bow/Crossbow usage
  • Potion usage
  • Double tap accuracy
  • Overall player ratings

We'll also be introducing a League in which your teams are created on the PvPTracker service. Teams and players will be ranked on performance to decide who truely is the best of the best.

You'll be able to use the service though a website, in which you can log into and manage your team and such.

Watch our devlogs to stay updated!