Swiping left on Multicraft

As you know, we have been partnered with Apex Hosting for a while now, a few months ago we decided to move away from apex hosting's built in game panel which uses Multicraft, we decided that multicraft wasn't enough for our need for multiple reasons:

  • Low Level Control
  • Only minecraft server hosting
  • Having to ask apex for each new server
  • Laggy & Slow
  • Bad sub-users system

So, we asked apex if we can move to a new server with full control (SSH access), they suprisingly complied! This is really not normal with minecraft hostings for their partners, they usually lock them into their panel, not with apex, thats why we love apex this much, they are so flexible with their partners & servers, we have been using them even before we partnered. Anyways, time to get to the point, the transfer.

We wanted to use pterodactyl for our game servers, so we quickly downloaded and configured the panel, and wings on our 2 nodes. And then, we begun the inital transfer.

Initial Transfer

We contacted apex to do a rsync transfer from their node, to the node they setup for us which we had SSH to.

Transfered servers, from apex to pterodactyl IDS

Okay, well now we got all the files for the moment on our server, but how are we going to transfer without downtime?

We decided to use a rsync transfer again at the time we planned for the downtime, so we don't have to transfers Gigabytes of data which would cause large downtime since we can't download files that are actively being updated. This is why we did this, we downloaded the first batch which took 1/2hours with no downtime, then we waited for a few weeks and at a time where not many players were on, a scheduled downtime was active

The Second Transfer

We used rsync again to transfer only modified files which was only 600 MB's or so, which took a couple of minutes to transfer, then we changed out our DNS from the old ip to the new one, when done, we shat down the old servers with a motd saying

Old Server, please wait for your DNS to update.

And that was pretty much it, other then setting up tailscale to not have internal ports open, we were fully transferred to our own panel!

A little bit of over allocation.