Versus, reimagined

Introducing Versus, a reimagined PvP dueling system from PvPHub. After months of planning and research, we have finally developed a system that is reliable, scalable, and efficient for the future growth of Versus and PvPHub.

Versus offers a highly proficient dueling system with multiple lobbies, game modes, and customizable options for a superior PvP experience. Whether you prefer potion, crystal, sword, or even axe PvP, we've got you covered. You can engage in duels, join queued games, or participate in autonomous events, all with the option to personalize your experience.

Our brand new implementation of Versus uses a custom protocol to ensure a smooth and reliable experience for players. The new ecosystem allows for us to scale the server size depending on the amount of players online, making way for unbelievable performance gains. Previous versions of Versus we found to be unstable and not scalable, meaning we could not provide smooth gameplay. Since our first design of Versus (2021-22), we have gone through extensive research and testing, with many bumps along the way; we're very happy to settle with this system.

Great, when can I join?

Versus will open once everything is up-to-standard, with all bugs patched and performance maximized. We will first be opening an Alpha phase for a few days in order to crush primary bugs and issues - only our donators will be able to test during this period. After we have performed our patched we will release publicly for a week, patching any further bugs we find. Finally, once bugs are completely gone and the system is absolutely reliable, we will do a full scale release, with  an event to top it off. More on this later on!

Keep your eyes out for announcements!

Other News

Recently we have started a partnership with CloaksPlus, who provide free in-game cosmetic items and capes to everyone. It's easy to sign up, go and check them out. We will be working with them to provide cosmetic rewards from Versus and our other servers that you can earn by competing and completing achievements. You'll be able to use these cosmetics on any server you want, and anyone who is on CloaksPlus can see your items too!