Versus: What's up?

As you know, PvPHub has been working on a project called Versus (PvPHub 3.0) which will be our main server once released.

Whats Versus?

Versus, is a dueling platform with customizable kits and custom maps and game settings for EU, this will be used as a duel network with high performance and uptime.

Hey, what about the other servers?

For survival, it will stay the same, but for Practice, Versus & Practice will be merged.

We will have a koth area below spawn for versus and a box area. Practice will still be available, but the usage of versus will be recommended.


Progress on versus has been going nice enough, with some bumps, we are trying to make enough libraries to forge the full project, this does not mean we have just completely not started on the project, most of Versus is implemented, but it needs our libraries for the others, you can find some of these libraries on our GitHub.

Sounds cool, when is it going to be available?

We plan to have Versus done by January 25 2023, though, this may change.

To follow this project you can join our discord